Effiia provides custom utility software:


  • repetitive tasks are automated

  • functionality of your site is increased

  • features are tailored to your business needs

Any computer task that you do over and over Effiia can automate for you, freeing your time for other business tasks. We realize every company is unique and has individual needs. Many times standard software or web features won't work for you. Effiia can write a business specific program.

Discuss your ideas with your Effiia representative to see how we can help make your site work for you.

Programming examples:

  • if you copy, move, or rename groups of files on a regular basis then a program can be written to automate that task.
  • if you manually do a lot of calculations then a program that does those calculations would be beneficial.
  • if you have record keeping needs but you don't need a big fancy program, Effiia can help.
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